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• 6/25/2015

An idea about TCSW and

Ok, don't hate but....
Since people from ModTheSims created this (or so I've read), you guys already have
So instead of having a whole wiki dedicated to custom content, couldn't you guys just have a section on
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• 5/30/2015

Affiliation with The Sims Wiki

It doesn't look as though this wiki has a dedicated space to discuss community-wide matters. If it does, I apologize for posting this in the incorrect location.
A few months ago, when this wiki was created, we started a discussion regarding how we at The Sims Wiki (TSW) wanted to handle the situation. The main question was whether we wanted to assist your wiki on a formal level, or try to work with you to better accommodate your content on TSW. At this point, there hasn't been a push to make TSW's structure reflect what you all have in mind for your wiki.
Because of this, I have asked the community whether they would support an affiliation between The Customized Sims Wiki (TCSW) and TSW. In an affiliation, TSW would add a link to TCSW in our top-navigation menu, and might refer users to your wiki if they show a desire to write about fan-created content. In this, we might help you in building up your community of editors, and drive some readers to your wiki as well. Whatever you would be willing to do in return I'm sure would be fine; I'm personally not expecting any sort of quid pro quo. Additionally, an affiliation wouldn't "bind" you to anything; you'd still run your wiki however you want, and you wouldn't be obliged to make any changes on our account.
I do want to make a point to say I am not empowered to create an affiliation on my own. Any sort of affiliation needs to be approved by TCSW and TSW as a whole. But I want to give both wikis a chance to evaluate the idea and act as each sees fit.
If you'd like to see or participate in the sister discussion to this one, on The Sims Wiki, please go here. Additionally, feel free to contact me or any other TSW admins or 'crats (a list of active admins/'crats is viewable here) if you have any questions or concerns.
Thanks for the consideration!
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