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• 6/25/2015

An idea about TCSW and

Ok, don't hate but....

Since people from ModTheSims created this (or so I've read), you guys already have

So instead of having a whole wiki dedicated to custom content, couldn't you guys just have a section on

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• 6/30/2015

Hello Thatkitten,

In SimsWiki, all of the premade sims (e.g. Cassandra Goth) have a page. There you can read about the sims themselves; you can find out what zodiac signes they have; you can see whom they are related to and such...

And we wanted to do the same but for custom sims in custom neighborhoods. Anyone who wants to read more about the individual sims; they can do it themselves. You can't mention everything in the download page, of course. The text would be way too long. That's why we created the wiki.

And we didn't want to "spam" the original wiki. There might be people who don't want to see that. Because, maybe they find the sims too ugly or there might be people who don't want to have any mods or CC installed in their games.

This is also one of the reasons why it should be seperated...

Regards Jawusa.

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