Adil Shaer

Adil Shaer

Adil; the only person that never suffered from the aftermath of this move. Talk about the right timing!
Type: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Toddler
Aspiration: Grow Up
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius


Amin Shaer (Parent)

Nadia Shaer (Parent)

Layla Shaer (Sibling)

Sarah Shaer (Sibling)


Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Skintone: S3

Neighborhood: Mountainside Valley

Adil Shaer is a toddler Sim who resides in Mountainside Valley along with his family and is 3 days away from becoming a child.

Adil is the youngest of the three kids and, according to his bio, is the only one who wasn't harmed by the move. This might hint that his father moved the family for Adil's sake, without taking the others into consideration. This could also mean he's his father's favourite.

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