The Atkins Family

The Atkins Family

Aaron had the best reputation at school, a semi-sweet pad, and the looks to melt an iceberg - or at least that's what he thinks! Aaron wanted to show his girlfriend his 'favorite' star, named after her but the unexpected happened.

He could remember several women laughing, then nothing until he found himself here in Sedona...

Number of generations: 1
Members: Aaron Atkins
Lot: 77 Road to Andromeda
Funds: §409
Neighorhood: Sedona

The Atkins family reside in 77 Road to Andromeda in Sedona. It consists of 1 sim - Aaron Atkins.

Aaron Atkins starts pregnant in the invisible stage. He's recently been abducted by aliens and found himself in Sedona afterwards.

Just like the other residents in Sedona, he starts unemployed and is 29 days away from elder.

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