The Collensworth Family

The Collensworth Family

Phil was about to discover a new star with his new telescope but then something has waved at him. Phil was embarrassed to death because of this so he just had to runaway. His classmates would have laughed at him, presumably. But can he really manage to live alone in the middle of nowhere? Can Phil live without his beloved mom who cooked for him?
Number of generations: 1
Members: Phil Collensworth
Lot: 228 Milky Way Lane
Funds: §705
Neighorhood: Sedona

The Collensworth family reside in 228 Milky Way Lane in Sedona. It consists of 1 sim - Phil Collensworth

Phil Collensworth starts pregnant in the invisible stage. He's recently been abducted by aliens and found himself in Sedona afterwards.

Just like the other residents in Sedona, he starts unemployed and is 29 days away from elder.

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