Deliah Rhein

Deliah Rhein

Deliah cannot wait to be a grandmother. Unfortunately all of her triplets would make bad mothers so she would be the one who's going to raise all the children. Deliah wouldn't actually mind it but her triplets may do.
Type: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Elder
Aspiration: Family
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Marital Status: Widowed


Max Rhein (Late Spouse)

Sheila Rhein (Child)

Mathilda Rhein (Child)

Cecilia Rhein (Child)


Hair Colour: Grey (Black as an Adult)

Eye Colour: Green

Skintone: S3

Neighborhood: Mountainside Valley

Deliah Rhein is an elder Sim who resides in Mountainside Valley with her adult triplet-daughters and is 54 days old.

As an elder, Deliah wants to get granchildren thanks to her Family aspiration. This, however, is adding stress to her grown daughters as each one of them is busy with something and their relationship with their mother might decay whenever she brings up the topic of settling down and grandkids.

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