Gene Poole
Gene Poole

Gene Poole

Biography: None

Life State:

Name: Gene Poole

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Male

Type: Human

Education & Employment:

Year: Freshman

Major: Undeclared


Aspiration: Fortune

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Lifetime Want: Become Business Tycoon (Business Lvl 10)


Parents: None

Siblings: None

Romances: None

Children: None

Marital Status: Single


Hair Colour: Blond

Eye Colour: Light Blue

Skintone: S1

Body Shape: Thin

Other Information:

Game: The Sims 2 University

Playability: Townie

Neighborhood: Land Grant University

Gene Poole is one of the pre-made townies in Land Grant University. He can be made playable by befriending and asking him to move in, or by marrying him.

Gene's skills and interests are randomized upon loading Land Grant University.

In the subhood template, he has no skill points.

Like the other townies and NPCs in Land Grant University, Gene's name gets randomized when Land Grant University is being added to a neighborhood. The name "Gene Poole" is only referenced in the subhood template.

He's also a member of the Secret Society! Shhh!

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