Helen Wheels
Hele Wheels

Helen Wheels


Helen's happy to leave the organizational stuff to Ida Juana. She has her own goals for college and Greek life.

Life State:

Name: Helen Wheels

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Female

Type: Human

Education & Employment:

Year: Freshman

Major: Art


Aspiration: Romance

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Lifetime Want: Become Professional Party Guest (Slacker Lvl 10)


Parents: Axel Wheels, Mag Wheels

Siblings: Daisy Wheels

Romances: Andy Bellum (Crush)

Children: None

Marital Status: Single

Roommates: Ida Juana Knowe


Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Brown

Skintone: S1

Body Shape: Thin

Other Information:

Game: The Sims 2 University

Playability: Playable

Neighborhood: Land Grant University

Helen Wheels is one of the pre-made playable students in Land Grant University. She lives in the Annya Var Fruhm sorority with roommate Ida Juana Knowe.

Helen studies Art and is in her freshman year. (2nd semester). She starts off with 1 creativity skill point. Helen is 70 hours away from the final exam.

When first played, she's friends with her sister Daisy Wheels, Ida Juana Knowe and Andy Bellum. She also has a secret crush on Andy Bellum.

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