Max Rhein

Max Rhein

Type: Ghost
Cause of Death: Fire
Gender: Male
Age: Elder
Aspiration: Fortune
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Martial Status: Widowed


Deliah Rhein (Spouse)

Sheila Rhein (Child)

Mathilda Rhein (Child)

Cecilia Rhein (Child)


Hair Colour: Gray (Blond as an adult)

Eye Colour: Dark Blue

Skintone: S1

Neighborhood: Mountainside Valley

Max Rhein is the late husband of Deliah Rhein and the father of Sheila Rhein, Mathilda Rhein and Cecilia Rhein.

Not much is known about him since he is dead at the start of the neighborhood. Though, he does seem to have had a special bond with one of his triplets, Sheila.

His urnstone can be found in 150 Main Street

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