PT Adam Wainwright

PT Adam Wainwright

PT Adam was a child of an alien abduction. His human father died early so his alien father, who had abducted PT Adam's human father, raised PT Adam all himself. He wanted PT Adam to become a Pollination Technician like he is. Now, he became one and he is the first Pollination Technician to be born outside the Alien World.
Type: Alien-Human Hybrid
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Aspiration: Knowledge
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Marital Status: Single


Unborn Babies Collensworth (Children)


Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Skintone: Alien

Playability: Deceased
Neighborhood: Sedona

PT Adam Wainwright is one of the four deceased alien pollinators in Sedona. It's not known why he and the other aliens died but the flyover video suggests that their UFOs crashed and that's why they died. His gravestone can be found in Green Stonehenge.

Shortly before PT Adam died, he had impregnated Phil Collensworth who is currently pregnant with his unborn twins.

Unlike the other pollinators, PT Adam is a half-alien. Meaning he has 50% alien DNA and his children will have 25% alien DNA instead.

Note: PT Adam is NOT a real pollinator. Meaning the game will always choose the real pollinator instead of Adam when someone gets abducted by aliens.

He's just a regular alien sim. Unlike EA's pollinator, he's safe to resurrect and play as. It will NOT corrupt the game; nor the neighborhood if he's resurrected and made playable.