Quadington University is a custom inhabited university subhood, created by the Hood Building Group at MTS. It was created for MTS's monthly theme of October 2015 - College Living as well as the world's monthly theme (Spooky, Halloween).

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Quadington University

It's mysterious campus with many abandoned buildings. A zombie apocalypse is going on here at the moment. So all of the students and professors are zombies!

Story Edit

As written on the download page of the neighborhood:

"Quadington University is not the university it used to be.

It's been a while since someone graduated here. This place used to be popular. It was full of students! Sometimes it had too many students and the university often got crowded but then something unexpected happened. Something that changed Quadington University forever!

Nobody knows what exactly happened, but many students wanted to flee. Since then, Quadington University got forgotten and became a ghost town. It's still a ghost town and it's not even recorded on any map!

Will your sims manage to study in such a university, in such a ghost town, in such a dead place and in such a loneliness or will they freak out and cry for another university?"

- Quadington University, HBG

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  • None.

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Playable Households Edit

Polly, Jun and Bruno are not like others around campus. They are unique! Yet, they don't know that. They feel like they have to fit in.

Will they manage to break out of their shells and go into society? Or will their habits hinder them? Will they ever realize how unique they are?
The Nagard-Hoh-Urele Fraternity boys are quite prominent around campus because they changed a dead place into a lively place!

But can the brothers keep the historic house united or will their drastically different personalities divide them instead?
The Var-Nagard-Annya Sorority girls can't live without parties! They are 'The Pleasure Seekers of Quadington University'. According to them, the world was built for parties.
But with all the wild parties and events on campus to attend, will the sisters ever have time for school?
As the daughter of two professors, as well as the campus founder, Melody feels honored and esteemed. Which is why, she makes herself look bad and the most hated sim on campus.

Will she ever manage to make new friends, despite having a bad reputation? And will she ever learn that the world isn't spinning just for her?

Family Bin Households Edit

With all their differences and disagreements, Earl, Pepe and Cece still manage to stick together.

Will things remain the way they are? Or will college change everything?

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These townies and NPCs have their names randomized when the subhood is added to a neighborhood. Their names are only referenced in the subhood template.

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