Rocky Beech
Rocky Beech

Rocky Beech

Rocky just wants everybody to get along.
Type: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Child

Aspiration: Grow Up

Zodiac Sign: Libra


Daytona Beech (Grandparent)

Hamilton Beech (Parent)

Sandy Beech (Parent)

Virginia Beech (Sibling)

Unborn Baby Beech-Hart (Half-Sibling)


Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Dark-Blue

Skintone: S4

Neighborhood: Widespot

Rocky Beech is a child Sim who resides along with his family in Widespot and is 3 days away from becoming a teenager.

Rocky attends public school like his older sister.

According to his bio, he just wants everyone to make peace with each other, which would make him really happy.

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