Sara Bellum

Sara Bellum


Sara's made such good study buddies in college! She doesn't know what Andy's worried about. You mustn't take Andy personally. He's just - like that.

Life State:

Name: Sara Bellum

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Female

Type: Human

Education & Employment:

Year: Freshman

Major: Biology


Aspiration: Knowledge

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Lifetime Want: Become Chief of Staff (Medicine Lvl 10)


Parents: Ringo Bellum, Carol Bellum

Siblings: Andy Bellum

Romances: None

Children: None

Marital Status: Single

Roommates: Cliff Notes, Hugh Knowe


Hair Colour: Red

Eye Colour: Brown

Skintone: S1

Body Shape: Fat

Other Information:

Game: The Sims 2 University

Playability: Playable

Neighborhood: Land Grant University

Sara Bellum is one of the pre-made playable students in Land Grant University. She lives in the Nerdists household with roommates Cliff Notes and Hugh Knowe.

Sara studies Biology and is in her freshman year. (1st semester). She starts off with 1 cooking, 1 mechanical, 3 charisma, 2 body, 3 logic 2 creativity and 2 cleaning skill points. Sara is 55 hours away from the final exam.

When first played, she's best friends with her brother Andy Bellum and friends with Cliff Notes and Hugh Knowe.

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