The Shaer's just moved to Mountainside Valley and reside 160 Oak Leaf Avenue.

At the start of the game, they don't have any other relationships besides family and Amin starts with the Science career as a Test Subject (Lvl 1)

The Shaer Family

The Shaer Family

"The Shaer's just moved to town after a very long plane ride. Now it's

time for them to settle in. Are they going to make a home out of this place? Will Layla and Sarah fit in among their new colleagues at school? Can Nadia finally sit down and rest her feet?"

Number of generations: 2
Members: Amin Shaer, Nadia Shaer, Layla Shaer, Sarah Shaer, Adil Shaer
Lot: 160 Oak Leaf Avenue
Funds: §658
Neighorhood: Mountainside Valley

Photo Album Edit

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Amin proposing to Nadia

Snapshot 2110d338 81c2dff5

Amin and Nadia's marriage

Snapshot 2110d338 61c2e15b

Amin and Nadia are expecting their first child soon

Snapshot 2110d338 a1c2e244

Nadia is teaching Layla how to walk

Snapshot 2110d338 01c2e2e5

The Shears freshly moved to Mountainside Valley