Sheila Rhein

Sheila Rhein

Unlike her triplets sisters, Sheila is shy and rarely goes out. She's always upset and nothing can cheer her up. She couldn't get over her fathers death yet and gets annoyed by her mother with those silly grandchildren sentences.
Type: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Aspiration: Family
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Marital Status: Single


Max Rhein (Deceased Parent)

Deliah Rhein (Parent)

Mathilda Rhein (Triplet-Sibling)

Cecilia Rhein (Triplet-Sibling)


Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Dark Blue

Skintone: S2

Neighborhood: Mountainside Valley

Sheila Rhein is an adult Sim who resides along with her family in Mountainside Valley and is at the start of adulthood.

Sheila works in the Military career track at level 1. Her job performance is low at the beginning so she will be fired if she misses work again.

According to the family's pictures, she shared a special bond with her father that her sisters didn't have, which makes her his favourite, causing jealousy among them.

She and her sisters all have the same zodiac signs.

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