What's this wiki about?Edit

The Customized Sims Wiki is a catalog of mods, custom content (CC), hacks, custom objects, Build mode items, as well as Create-A-Sim items such as custom clothes and more!

In other words, this is where you can find info about the custom content you can use with games in The Sims series.

We should note, however, that this is NOT a place to upload custom content and mods that you've created; if you'd like to upload your own, original creations, then please do not hesitate to include a link to an external/another website, or, create an account over at ModTheSims, a popular website for hosting mods and custom content. Should you be looking for information on official Maxis/Electronic Arts created DLC or Store content, or basic information about the Sims series, please visit The Sims Wiki.

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